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Do you want to learn how to heal yourself?

​My guides have been telling me, "It is an era where each one of us needs to be able to maintain our own energy and frequency."  Being responsible for yourself in all levels starts from here!

Ascension Class - Beginners

Duration: Two 3-hour classes via Skype

This is a beginner's class to learn how to be in charge of your life in all dimensional levels by maintaing your highest possible vibration and living with a light body. The class will be conducted with the support of higher beings and guides.  You will learn  about reading and healing your chakra system, how energy works, and what is needed in order to support one's ascention. This is a beginner's class therefore the techniques you learn are intended to be used only on yourself.

$800.00 for 3 hrs x 2 days class  

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"I was introduced to Mikiko by a very powerful woman.  So many of the things I go through have much deeper origins than I can perceive.  Mikiko's healings are always powerful and transformative for me on that deeper level.  Mikiko's energy is lovely and leaves me with a sense of calm."
-Tom Nadeau,  Founder and CEO
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