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"I had an amazing Multi-Dimensional Healing session with Mikiko. She understands energy and knows exactly how to work with it. I felt a very deep awakening when I was there and this continued after I left. It is a very powerful experience that had an impact in every part of my body. In times like this when we are going trough a big change of consciousness, we all need some guidance to help us understand the changes in our world and learn how to deal with them, and Multi-Dimensional Healing helped me with this."

- Denisse from Brentwood, CA

"I have been a satisfied client of Mikiko's multi-dimentional healing sessions for a few years.  So I was happy to find out that she started the space clearing and asked her to work on my office and house.  I have taken 4 sessio
ns for my office and the results are amazing.  Most of my employees mentioned last week that they feel better and they are more comfortable in the office.  Mikiko's space clearing helped clear the negative energy and connect the space with the elements of earth and love.  I highly recommend these healing sessions to anyone as your space can make a huge difference in your transformation and well being."

- R from Pacific Palisade, CA

​​"I was introduced to Mikiko by a very powerful woman.  So many of the things I go through have much deeper origins than I can perceive.  Mikiko's healings are always powerful and transformative for me on that deeper level.  Mikiko's energy is lovely and leaves me with a sense of calm."
-Tom Nadeau,  Founder and CEO
nadeau furniture with​ a soul

"I met Mikiko February of 2012 by accident.  Well, when it comes to spirituality there are no accidents. I had my first work done by her on my birthday and it was amazing.  She introduced me to my higher self.  Since then my journey in this life has been different - I don't quite know how to explain it - I am much more clear, balanced, have no more self pity, and I am much more confident.

My second healing was done a few weeks ago.  Since then my life has changed again - she showed me how to use the tools that are provided for me by my guides.  I have been able to let things go that were not possible before and she and my guides made me aware that I am the only one responsible for creating whatever is in my life.  I would highly recommend her if you really are ready to heal and start to create a new beginning and enjoy your journey on earth. I will be going back again."

- Mitra from Peoria, Arizona

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