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A beautiful crystal accessory made especially for your energy to manifest your wish!

It feels beautiful to look at it, and it is so healing and empowering to wear it!!

Healing Crystal Bracelet

Having a beautiful crystal which supports and protects you from negative energy, and gives you healing and empowering energy at all times will uplift your everyday life!
Wearing it in the form of bracelet makes it possible to have it on all the time, especially when it’s made with all kinds of crystal beads that also have a beautiful frequency!
I will channel your energy and your spirit guides for the messages and create your own unique crystal bracelet to most benefit your highest good!

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Healing Crystal Bracelet


Crystal Cluster

Crystals have always been my guide throughout my life transitions and they are very important tool to have to align your energy and to cleanse and empower your sacred space. 
As you see in some of the photos, you can cleanse and activate your Healing Crystal Bracelet(see above) by simply placing it on the crystal cluster.
I will choose the crystal cluster that will most support you and enhance your power.

Please specify your budget and I will select the best crystal I can find for you.
Shipping fee excluded.  

Please use the contact form to request a crystal cluster.

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