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Healing Lesson

✴︎The Gift of Light

✴︎ Space Clearing

This is a new healing modality that I have been working on which is finally ready

to share with everyone.


The main purpose of this healing session is to bring a very specific light to you. This light helps 

one's deep awakening on a soul level and helps to manifest your soul's purpose. 


This session does not include any channelled messages or email feedback after the session.

The Gift of Light session is a remote long distance healing only. The more often you receive the

Gift of Light, the more you awaken. I highly recommend you receive this session twice a month

for the first 1-2 months, then once a month as mainteinance.


Please choose from one of the following themes:

     ・Soul Awakening and Manifestation

     ・Joyful Prosperity


When you book your session, please let me know your full/legal name, birth date and address.


The Gift of Light is a perfect gift for your beloved friends and family.

This blessing does not require their approval therefore it is perfect gift to give soul to soul.



$100.00/per session

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Space Clearing (Your home, work space, and land)

Are you happy with where you spend most of your time?  

How does your space feel to you?
Does it feel empowering, healing or depressing?
Maintaining your vibration with positive energy is becoming a must nowadays and
creating your space full of sacred vibration at all times will greatly bless you on a deep level.
In our dimension there are many invisible frequencies that affect us negatively such as negative thoughts from ancestral beings, left over energy from former residents, negative vibrations that your land holds, and so on.
In this session you will receive as a high frequency as possible to cleanse, empower, and activate your space and the land.
Many feel a huge shift in their lives and also in their business when the work environment is addressed.

$500.00 for 4 sessions 

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"I have been a satisfied client of Mikiko's multi-dimentional healing sessions for a few years.  So I was happy to find out that she started the space clearing and asked her to work on my office and house.  I have taken 4 sessions for my office and the results are amazing.  Most of my employees mentioned last week that they feel better and they are more comfortable in the office.  Mikiko's space clearing helped clear the negative energy and connect the space with the elements of earth and love.  I highly recommend these healing sessions to anyone as your space can make a huge difference in your transformation and well being."

- N from Pacific Palisade, CA

"I had an amazing Multi-Dimensional Healing session with Mikiko. She understands energy and knows exactly how to work with it. I felt a very deep awakening when I was there and this continued after I left. It is a very powerful experience that had an impact in every part of my body. In times like this when we are going trough a big change of consciousness, we all need some guidance to help us understand the changes in our world and learn how to deal with them, and Multi-Dimensional Healing helped me with this."
- Denisse from Brentwood, CA

Payment methods accepted: I accept credit cards, PayPal or cash. Please note that PayPal does not require an account to use your credit cards - just select the "Don't have a PayPal account?" option on their site.

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